Telluride Ski Ranches has Great Local Neighbors

Bracing is the word I would use for the weather over the last few weeks up here in Telluride. We’ve had some good storms in between the clear cold temperatures as well.

The mountain is in good shape and most all runs are open to ski. I went out the other day with my neighbor Johnny who was the chief operating officer for the ski corporation and a native son of Telluride. He told of the early days of the Telluride region’s ‘hard rock’ mining that started back in the 1870’s. He and other locals and their parents all worked for the mining company in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Johnny and local friends were largely responsible for coming up with the idea of a ski hill that was to become Telluride in the early 70’s when the mining was shutting down. He called it a fortuitous set of events that ended up with the creation of the Telluride ski resort of today.

Johnny is full of great stories of the area and its history. Well worth a couple hours of your time. He organizes a tour of the mountain through our local historical museum each Monday. You get a lot of information about the area, even for someone who has lived here for twenty years. He told us that elk were not native to the area and were transplanted here by the railroad in the early twentieth century. The Ute Indians who lived here in the summer mostly hunted Deer not Elk.

Well you live and learn.

Please reach out to me if you think you might have an interest in participating in our upcoming Telluride 5 day Sale home auction in May!

Best to all,

Dixon B.

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Opening Day at Telluride Mountain Restort – 2010

Hi Everyone:

This week is Thanksgiving and my birthday. One is worth celebrating the other I would rather forget.

The weather here in Telluride has been excellent. The sun is shining as I write this Telluride blog post. The night time temperatures are dropping down into the twenties and teens. The ski mountain has 22 inches of natural snow and they’ve been blowing man made for weeks now in preparation for 2010 Thanksgiving Opening Day. I am preparing my downhill and telemark skies for the season, tuning the edges and waxing the surfaces.

Opening day at Telluride Mountain resort is always crazy and a whole lot of fun. I go through my home’s storage space looking at my equipment, checking to see what needs replaced and getting everything in order.

Nothing is worse than finding out that I’m missing something just when I’m ready to grab my skies and go. I love skiing in the woods of Telluride Mountain and enjoying the peace and quiet I find there. Usually it’s around Christmas time that I feel I can venture into the steeper forested slopes.

Telluride ski mountain has many challenging trails and lift access back country skiing. While it is fun to go to those places it’s also nice to just cruise on the expertly groomed trails the mountain resort provides.

Giuseppe’s restaurant is located at the top of the mountain at 11,885,’ and offers a great place in the sun, a hot cup of tea, and hot food for those of us needing a rest. I like going up there to meet my friends and enjoy the 360 degree views of our mountains. Gorrono Ranch restaurant is at mid-mountain and offers a full line of buffet dining and an amazing sun deck to eat your lunch and relax. If you like to pack your own lunch and carry your water, there are plenty of places to go and enjoy the amazing vista’s the Telluride ski resort offers.

I’m getting excited just thinking about the upcoming season. This week I give thanks for many things in my life. And one of those things is that I get to enjoy another ski season here in Telluride.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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Bugling Elk in Telluride Mountain Ranches Estates

Hi Everyone:

Last night going to sleep I heard a large herd of Elk come into the field across from my Telluride home.

The field is all preserved open space and protected from hunters. The Elk come and go regularly during the year in both winter and summer. In the morning you could see that the herd was a least two hundred large.  They graze during the night and early morning before moving along.

This time of year is the rutting season and they can be quite loud during the evening. There is something very beautiful and ancient in the bugle of an Elk.  It’s not uncommon to have both Elk and deer bed down in the aspen grove on the north side of my Ski Ranches (name of subdivision) home, just five minutes from the Telluride Mountain Village lifts.

Last year one day, I looked out my home-office window above the three car garage in mid-afternoon, and looked directly into the eyes of a five-point buck standing not twenty feet from my home. Unafraid, he casually walked away into the woods.  It’s really amazing to have the wildlife interact so closely with you.

Hunting season is now over and the men in orange have all gone home.  The Elk and deer seem to know this fact and move around more easily and without fear.

The craziest thing I’ve ever seen is a picture of four bull Elk standing on the summit of Wilson Peak 14,017’.  You can see the mountain and its vertical peak from my home-office in its entire splendor.  I guess the Elk just climbed it to have a look around.

I’ve traveled around the world, and have lived in Telluride for nearly 20 years now. It’s one of the most serene and beautiful places on Earth!

Best to all, Frick

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The Best Tennis Court in Colorado!

Hi Everyone:

It looks like it will be a warm weekend.

While I wait for the snow to fall today I’ll go out to my tennis court with some friends. 

I don’t play much and I encourage my friends to come and use it as much as possible.

The thing about my court is that it has the most incredible views of any court I’ve ever seen.  I’m surrounded by beautiful vistas and a fourteen thousand foot mountain range. 

Telluride attracts athletes from all over the world. Many come to participate in sports at high altitude so they can be in shape to compete at lower altitudes at other times of the year.   There is only one other private tennis court in my community.  People who want to play tennis go to the Peaks Hotel and Spa in Mountain Village or to the public courts in the town of Telluride.  I’m told the surface on those courts is not the best.  One of my friends, who is a tennis pro, comes over to use my court to teach during the summer.  I think I know why?

Tennis is a growing sport in Telluride and I am grateful to have one of the finest courts in the community. 

What do you think?


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“November in my Telluride Home”

Hi Bloggers:

Here I am on Election Day November 2nd having voted earlier and now enjoying the beautiful “bluebird day” up here at my home in Telluride.

It’s been training season for the past eight weeks to prepare for the ski season to begin over Thanksgiving weekend. I drive over to the Peaks Health Club and spa, across from the ski lifts in Mountain Village. The health Spa has a wonderful facility with free weights and all the weight training machines and aerobic equipment you could want. I spend about 30 minutes on the elliptical stair machine and then some stretching and on to a circuit of weight training. The whole thing takes about an hour and twenty minutes to complete. Steam and shower and home again.

We had some really cold temp’s two weeks ago or so but it seems there has been a warm front that has been sticking around over the past week. My outside thermometer tells me it’s about 67 degrees at mid afternoon. The warm sun is really nice for November 2nd.

I know it won’t be long before the winter snow comes to visit.

The other day, I was driving into the town of Telluride to do some business.  Driving along the valley floor into town allows me to see how soon winter will be coming.  The valley floor is 800 acres of beautiful, flat open space that is owned by the town.  About ten years ago, when the town bought the property from a private owner to keep it wild and natural, a family of prairie dogs moved onto it.  This land is used by visitors and the people of Telluride for recreation in both summer and winter.  Mountain biking and walking trails in the summer and cross country and skate skiing in the winter.

The prairie dogs use it as a food source, grazing on the grasses that grow there. At this time the little guys are burrowing in for the winter, so you don’t see them now except for the occasional one out sunning himself, taking advantage of the warm sun.  Soon the snow will arrive covering the valley floor.  The prairie dogs will be asleep and the cross-country skiers will arrive for their winter activity.

Snow is covering the 14000 foot mountains outside my windows and I’m excited for the winter season to begin.


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“What I love about my Telluride Ski Ranches Home at the Beginning of Ski Season.”

Hi Everyone:

I’m sitting here watching the sun rise on a crisp Sunday morning after a Friday night and Saturday snow fall.  The Vermont castings fireplace insert is blazing away with its blowers blanketing the living space in my “Telluride Mountain Ski Ranches” home with warm penetrating heat.  While drinking a cup of tea. I look out my windows at the remnants of the remaining aspen trees whose leaves have yet to fall. A light snow covers the Cambell and Wilson mountain range enhancing the view out my large living room windows.

 It’s October 23rd, the traditional time for Telluride to prepare for the first season’s snow and the upcoming Halloween festivities.  I remember when our kids were that age. We would spend our time on the weekend making costumes , carving pumpkins and roasting salty pumpkin seeds during a backyard campfire.  The community of Ski Ranches is a year round group of families living in a quiet, bucolic setting with mighty views of the San Juan Mountains.  My next door neighbor used to run the Telluride Ski Corporation, and is now semi-retired, but he still skied sixty days last year. 

What a great ski season we had last year!  The ski mountain, which is five minutes from my door is preparing for opening day by pumping large piles of new, man-made snow on the runs below lift #4. Opening weekend usually begins over the Thanksgiving holiday.   As I write this 5 Day Sale, Telluride home auction blog entry, the sun is rising over the mountains and is beginning to melt the snow away on our metal roof, and the snow is sloughing off into piles on the ground.

I’m looking forward to that first run of the season and feeling warm and secure with our firewood stacked, and our home tight for the coming winter season.


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Starting to Prepare for our upcoming Telluride Mountain Ski Resort Home 5 Day Sale Auction.

Hi Everyone:

Well, we finally have our first Colorado Ski Resort property to run through our new 5 Day Sale auction platform site:

This is a beautiful, contemporary home in one of Colorado’s finest ski resort communities.

We will keep you all posted on our progress, and hope that some of you may be intrigued by this community, property, and our progressive, non-distressed, online real estate auctioning process as our client, Dixon, prepares to market his quality home globally for auction through our site.

Best to all, and keep your eye on our site as the ski season begins and we move forward with our efforts to find a deseerving buyer for this great home.

Best to all,

Kyle Cascioli

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